Take action: Protect communities from coal slurry impoundments

The federal Office of Management and Budget is seeking comment regarding the collection of annual reports and certifications for coal slurry impoundments and refuse piles. The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has submitted an information collection request under the Paperwork Reduction Act, asking for a renewal of its reporting requirements without change.

Impoundments are used to contain waste produced during the processing of coal before it is shipped. The resulting coal slurry contains harmful heavy metals and chemicals used in coal processing. There are nearly 600 of these impoundments across 21 states. These impoundments pose very real threats to the communities living nearby. Poorly maintained impoundments have collapsed and caused the death of mine workers and nearby residents.

MSHA currently requires coal mine operators to submit annual reports and certifications on refuse piles and impoundments and to keep records of weekly monitoring. These requirements help to ensure the safety of workers and communities living below impoundments.

Tell the Office of Management and Budget to approve MSHA’s monitoring and reporting requirements. Comments are due by Wednesday, Nov. 22.

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