Sign our petition to protect Coal River Mountain

Coal River Mountain is being threatened by a new mountaintop removal permit that would destroy 561 acres of this beautiful West Virginia community.

We need you to sign our petition to protect this mountain and the communities that depend on it from destruction.

Alpha Natural Resources — the company that is proposing to mine the land — is currently in bankruptcy, making it an especially dangerous and untrustworthy actor in the region. A company that cannot keep its commitments to workers’ health, pensions, and to the land it has already destroyed must not be permitted to conduct this especially destructive and unsafe form of coal mining.

The community around Coal River Mountain has already lost thousands of acres to mountaintop removal. This has created increased rates of cancer, heart disease, birth defects, and other deadly illnesses, as well as serious economic issues in the Coal River Valley.

A new permit will further endanger and impoverish surrounding communities and take away from the potential to rebuild in the area to create a brighter future.

Speak up today to tell the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection that mountaintop removal coal mining is unacceptable on Coal River Mountain.

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