Tell Congress: It’s time to RECLAIM our mountains

This week, nearly 40 mountain leaders are in Washington, D.C., to speak up to protect our water and reclaim our future — and they need your help!

As the coal industry declines, thousands of jobs have been lost and millions of acres of land have been damaged. We’re excited about new policies that would clean up our land and create jobs, and we need you to join our work for a bright future for Appalachia!

We’re in D.C. to support the RECLAIM Act (H.R. 4456), a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that would provide an immediate economic boost in communities struggling with the decline of the coal industry through the release of $1 billion to create opportunities reclaiming abandoned mine lands.

The RECLAIM Act is part of the White House’s POWER+ Plan, a proposed $10 billion initiative to assist communities that have historically relied on coal by growing and diversifying their economies. 

These policies present an amazing opportunity for Appalachia — but they won’t happen without your help! Sign the petition and join our fight to clean up coal’s toxic legacy of coal.

Appalachian communities have fueled America for more than 100 years. We are proud that our region is home to many rich assets, including our land, water, heritage and people.

But as you know, we have made great sacrifices to mine, transport and process the coal that powered the nation. Now it’s time to clean up the toxic legacy of coal that haunts so many of our communities, and create economic opportunities in those communities at the same time.

Sign our petition today and join the movement to reclaim Appalachia’s future.

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