Act Now: EPA Approves Weakened Standards for Water Pollution

Last Friday, EPA allowed the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection to weaken a critical water quality standard for selenium; a decision that could deeply compromise the safety of communities across the entire Appalachian region.

Take action now and tell the EPA that it is unacceptable to weaken water quality standards and put communities rights to clean water at risk.

The significance of the EPA’s decision cannot be overstated. Already, other states in Appalachia, including Virginia and West Virginia, are considering similar changes to their water quality standards. Friday’s action by EPA sends these states a signal that is okay to gut protections for clean water and make it easier for the coal industry to do more mountaintop removal coal mining.

In making this decision, EPA is ignoring the input of thousand of citizens. Take action now and tell EPA we need them to do their job and to protect the rights of citizens to clean and safe water — instead of the coal industry.

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