Spruce Mine Veto Overturned–Take Action Now!

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Last year, you contributed to a major victory for Appalachia when the Environmental Protection Agency decided to veto the Spruce Mine in West Virginia — one of the largest mountaintop removal mines ever proposed.

Now that historic victory is in jeopardy.

In a controversial decision, a federal court overrode the EPA’s veto of the mine, despite the fact that it will dump 110 million cubic yards of mining waste into local waterways, generate toxic pollutants, and bury over six miles of streams — a clear violation of the Clean Water Act. 1

Now it is time for The White House to step up and stop the Spruce Mine.

Take action and urge the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) to save our mountains and stand up for the Clean Water Act! 

The EPA vetoed the mine because they know that destroying mountains and dumping waste in Appalachian communities’ streams is wrong. They know that having access to clean water and living in a safe environment is a basic human right.

Last week, the EPA vowed it would not let the court’s ruling interfere with its commitment to protect Appalachian communities and their access to clean water. 2

Tell the White House CEQ to support the EPA’s efforts and stop the Spruce Mine.

Last year you helped us send over 10,000 messages to the EPA urging them to veto the mine. Together we won. We can’t back down now!

Send a message to the White House CEQ today and save Logan County, WV from destructive mountaintop removal mining. 

For the Mountains,

Matt Wasson



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